B X - M E T H O D O L O G Y
We turn impactful ideas into outstanding digital brands, products, and websites. With our own and proven methodologies, we increase a venture's chance of success and optimize its creation and growth.
process diagram- The Branx

The Branx Way of Working

Design-driven, strategy-led. Our ultimate goal is to derive a deep understanding of your brand, your users, and your competitive environment to come up with innovative ideas that not only satisfy, but furthermore excite your users at all touchpoints.

The success of your brand will rely on well-defined brand values. In our workshops, we help define yours while developing a thorough understanding of your users, your business, your competitive environment, and your objectives.
We build user-centric brands that reflect your unique value proposition and core values. Our aim is to create brands that are distinctive and unique by developing a strong consistent visual language that create emotions among your target audience.

This is where it all comes together. We help you roll out the brand across all relevant touchpoints to ensure brand consistency and engagement with your audiences - such as website, social media, motion graphics, and pitch decks.

What we do exactly

Building strategies, brands, and products are the things that excite us and are where we are really good at. So we'd like to give you a hand and turn your venture into a digital experience.
Brand Identity & Illustrations
Great brands tell a unique story and stand for something. We carefully craft elements that reflect your values and create dynamic love brands.

Website Design & eCommerce
A great website can be an engine of business growth. We create engaging and effective websites that ensure a unique and memorable digital experience.
UX & MVP Development
Our team delivers aesthetic results and optimized user journeys, driven by data, facts, and experience. We work with mobile-first designs and the most agile no-code technology.
Marketing & Communication
It's all about storytelling. We identify and explore optimal go-to-market channels and communication strategies that allow maximum reach, adoption and traction.

Close Collaboration is Key

Our key to success is mutual collaboration, meaning that we are working together very closely. To ensure maximum transparency and drive communication, we use state of the art collaboration tools.

Here are the two ways we can work together:

Ongoing collaboration: An ideal fit for companies that have agile, ongoing creative needs - we work with you to build out features and the deliverables needed to drive sustainable growth.

Project-based collaboration: For one-time needs - we work with your team on projects that have a clearly defined brief, budget, and timeline. Check price ranges