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Co-Pilot offers travel supplements so any traveler can actually enjoy traveling and not being worried about travel-based issues such as stomach issues or anxiety. It is immunity-enhancing, promotes good sleep, and is an energy booster. It's just the perfect travel companion.

The concept

Adventurous traveling is about being out in nature. Therefore, our visual concept is inspired by mountains, waves, and flora, which at the same time represents the natural ingredients of the supplements. Taking the concept of the travel supplement a bit more abstract, we figured that the best travel companion in a difficult and extreme situation is a sherpa, who is highly skilled at helping a mountaineer arriving at the summit.
For the logo, we used a modified vintage uppercase font in order to represent adventures feelings. The mountain and waves were added to the logo for the purpose on highlighting it on the packaging. For the visual brand elements, we used simple patterns and structures that were inspired by indigenous apparel.
The primary color is dark blue, teal, red and yellow were chosen as secondary colors.

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Sydney Zuckerman
Co-Founder & CEO, Co-Pilot the Travel Brand đŸ‡ºđŸ‡¸
The Branx was excellent at project management. I'd been a little bit needy and very opinionated throughout the process, and I emailed them almost every day. Even though we were eight hours apart, they were quick to respond and always gave me updates. They've been great at communication.

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