Brand Identity & Communication

The expression Evohé was used in antique Greece and means the shout of the women to invoke Baco, the God of the wine. The creation of a distinctive name, a memorable logo, and a branded bar design were the first steps to convert Evohé to an extravagant bar people would talk about.
Colours- The Branx
The creation of a powerful, mobile-first website with relevant content positions Evohé as a modern player that's a step ahead of their competition.

It not only communicates the upcoming shows and events, it also offers a playful design of the cocktail's menu with little micro-interactions. Finally, since it is our aim to connect the online and offline world, we included the CTA "bring me there" that connects the people's locations with Google Maps and looks for the fastest way to bring them to Evohé.
Digital transformation for a small business
Good vibes even after the party
How many times did it happen to you that you hear a great song and then you don't know its name? We make sure that all the music you listen to in Evohé you can listen to again at any time at any place - on your own device. Either you scan the Spotify code from the Evohé playlist directly from the screens in the bar or visit their website and add the playlist later.
Like what you are hearing?
Open Spotify, scan the code and...
...listen to EVOHÉ music everywhere.
Visiting Evohé is about celebrating the little moments of life, it's about spending time with your friends in a nice atmosphere, enjoying good music and delicious cocktails. To convert a good time into beautiful memories, we came up with #evohepeople.

And what are memories for if you can't share them with your loved ones? To make them unforgettable and shareable we regularly upload the best snapshots on Evohé Instagram and website.
It's the little things that matter
The most important touchpoint of Evohé is their physical location. Therefore, we included some little details within the bar environment, such as illustrations with messages in the menu, branded beer coasters and lanyards.
Evohé, Spain
Branding & Communication
Nacho Frade

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