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The startup JoinMyTrip is a share-economy platform where people can join other people's trips, or, on the other hand, where travelers could make money by becoming a trip leader. They asked us to carry out their branding and product design to become the go-to platform in the share-economy group tour segment.

The Brief: Democratization of travel

Targeted at millennials, we defined the brand values for JoinMyTrip that would differentiate it from their competitors - but beforehand we put some effort into a deep-dive market analysis. To enforce the brand values, we used vibrant colors and contemporary fonts. As each trip is different, we created a dynamic logo with a changing logo shape. The logo shape represents the different trip itineraries. It is also a five-sided figure representing the five senses you experience during a trip.


Together with the JMT team, we held a workshop where the team had to dye their fingers and place their hands over the logo. The marks from the fingertips were connected with lines and therefore every team member also had their unique JMT logo.

UX & Website

From user journeys to product launch. Transforming the JoinMyTrip travel platform into a unique user experience with a mobile-first approach, we created an aesthetic, user-centric and easy-to-use product.

We previously performed user journey analysis and put into practice our learnings to minimize bounce-rate in crucial process stages. In order to increase brand awareness, we created a branded and personalized call-to-action.

Communication: Travelers on the spotlight

In conjunction with the JMT marketing team, an integrated full-blast brand communication strategy was carried out on different channels and with different formats, along with the different stages of the user journey.

Social Media

Straightforward, attractive Insta stickers are used for stories that pop. The clean lines and clear visual messages are a perfect representation of their streamlined approach to travel. A great tool to pimp their Insta stories.

Maximum branding and standing-out amongst competitors was achieved via a branded Instagram feed. The full image grid with bright and dynamic colors impress every visitor.

Motion graphics & Brand video

Showcasing the brand values, users will be informed about the brand transition and the company values.
Niels Mueller-Wickop
CEO, JoinMyTrip đŸ‡©đŸ‡ª
Thanks to The Branx's design system, the company developed and deployed additional features on the new website and improved its speed. It was quickly adopted by new users together with the new brand, which improved user behavior metrics. Above all, the team was professional, creative, efficient.

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