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Loonawell® creates healthy and loving moments for pets and their owners to share. A purposeful, transparent choice behind every ingredient and its origin, every process and product.

The brief

The founder of this company approached us to help her with the naming of her new pet treat brand as well as the brand identity. She was surprised that for the most brand names she came up with, the domain names were already taken and she wanted to have a unique brand name that would specifically describe her umbrella brand and values.

The naming

During the discovery phase, we analyzed a bunch of competitors and their naming structures, their branding, and positioning. To better identify and understand the needs of a pet owner, we created a user persona. The challenge of this task was to find a brand name that was not trademarked and had a free domain name in more than 10 countries. In the creative process of the naming, we used analogies from different areas such as famous dogs and other pet, cooking, or food-related word combinations. The winner amongst all the shortlisted naming ideas was Loonawell which was inspired by the founder's dog name Luna and the overall brand purpose to ensure wellbeing for all pets.

The concept

For the creative concept, we tried to use dark and white colors to refer to the cleanliness of the ingredients. The brandmark represents LW in handwritten letters, to give the brand a personal touch. The logotype is constructed by elegant capital letters with a big spacing between the letters which makes it simple, elegant, and clean. The logo system is responsive, adjusting to the application of the brand.

The secondary colors were chosen with respect to the ingredients with supporting colors for each of the secondary colors.


The brand application on the website and the communication visuals are maintained in a clean style and maintaining a fresh and healthy environment with the brand colors. The mix of pastel and saturated colors give a young and modern look in an elegant environment.
El Bravo slideshow-TheBranx
El Bravo slideshow-TheBranx

RamoncIn Loves Loonawell

We love to see how Loonawell evolved. And Ramoncín, our office dog, obviously enjoys his clean dog treats.
Woof, woof, woof, woof wooooof. Woof woof woof. Wooofwoofwooof! Woof Woof, woof, woof, woof wooooof. Woof woof woof. WOOF! ❤️
PET, Jesús & Ines
Loonawell, Switzerland
Naming, Brand Identity

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