Less chit-chat,
more action is a social platform matching people's interests to bring people together in real-life.

The Insight

At a time when we're supposedly more connected than ever, there are an awful lot of lonely people. Gen Z is said to be the loneliest generation, which is not only reflected by rising social media usage but also a broader decline in interaction with peers. Loneliness is a serious topic and has the same negative health impact as smoking 15 cigarettes a day (source: Brigham Young University).

In our design thinking process, we found out that Gen Z is willing to do things but the (social) tools they are currently using are inefficient. There is a lot of buzz on messenging apps but little action when it comes to meet in real life.

The Concept

The aim of was to bring back people to do more things together in real-life and encouraging meaningful in-person encounters, instead of being trapped in ineffective group chats. The main idea was to create an efficient planning app with strong social and gamification components and providing a fun, hassle-free way to organize a plan.

Brand Identity

The branding concept is bold and attention-grabbing. Therefore, we chose an easy-to-remember brand name that would give us the necessary room to play around. The claim "don't go bananas, go" would address the message overkill in diverse group chats while reinforcing the brand name.
The overall visual language is modern, colorful, yet retro. For the logo, we developed an imagotype with a b-shaped banana on yellow background. The idea was to create a symbol with a digital-first or even app-first approach. The lettermark was constructed using a bold, lower case typeface that would remind us of one of the classic items we had in our childhood, the Gameboy (R). For the color system, we used a high-contrast blue and yellow as primary colors and strong accent colors.


From generating a user profile, matching profiles, creating different types of plans and group chats, we worked on a low-fidelity wireframe before we started elaborating the high-fidelity mock-ups for all scenarios. All interactions were designed to make them as playful and user-friendly as possible.


The idea was to gain first user validation and therefore, we created a landing page where we would briefly describe the concept and showcase a sneak-peak of the app. In the header, we placed the video to grab attention. Strong and colorful imagery is used for the website. The call to action was to subscribe to the list and notify users once the product is ready.
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