The hyperlocal food marketplace

Muylocal's mission is to empower local shops & offer them the most convenient ecommerce tools.

The insight

Today's shopper has less time to do the grocery shopping and is looking for convenience. Even though supermarkets do sell online, they often lack in diversity and freshness of the products a local, specialized shop would offer. Furthermore, the products have traveled long way and making them less sustainable. On the other hand, small traditional stores lack the resources, knowledge, and tools to sell their product online and therefore to offer a better service to a younger and broader clientele.

The concept

This marketplace was born from the need to connect small local businesses with local customers during the global pandemic. Muylocal is providing the necessary tools for small and yet undigitized businesses to sell their products online. The delivery service offers a multi-buy option from different shops.

Brand identity

The naming Muylocal was chosen to putting emphasis on the hyperlocal shopping experience rather than from international giants. The imagologo showcases a lilac awning, which typically represents a small local food stall. If you have a closer look at the icon you can read an M, the first letter of Muylocal. Lilac and white are the predominant colors whereas pastel colors are used as accent colors. The font system was inspired by old posters and signs in the traditional Montserrat neighborhood of Buenos Aires. For the visual identity, we used a mixture of fun illustrations and self-made product photos. No pixel-perfect photoshop images of products were used on purpose to completely reflect the products how they are in real life.

Illustration style

The illustrations are very playful representing different scenes from shop owners, product categories and buyers. Those illustrations were especially used for on-site and social media communication.


Our photographies are product-focused and represent them in a realistic manner.


The website is where all the product offerings from the local grocers are presented. When entering, the user selects the city and can then choose either a product category or clicking directly on their trusted merchant. With the idea to bring the experience from the local food markets online, we put a big emphasis on social commerce and integrated stories where the merchants uploaded their product offerings of the week in video format.

The customer could either purchase by kilograms or product units and was further given the possibility to personalize the order (e.g. mature avocados, thin-sliced tuna fish,...). We offered a multibuy option so one customer could purchase from different stalls with just one order. All the data is synchronized with the app, meaning that if a product isn't available it is not shown anymore on the web in order to avoid a negative customer experience.


The app was created on low-code and its simple journey made it easy to use for merchants. It's their main tool where they upload the products, manage product availability and receive the orders.
The app included a dashboard to inform about how much of each product category was sold online and how much revenue was generated via online sales. It fully synchronized with the web and other processual tools we developed to enable quick delivery and create a smooth user experience.


What captured our consumer's interest were the totebags with funny and local sayings that are related to the products that were sold on the marketplace. Our totebags cought the attention of different national TV channels and became viral.

Campaign videos

For our local campaigns, we were again using our sense of humor. An elderly lady that would always shop in the local markets is talking about her interactions with friends at the market and then complaining that her daughter would only shop online... ;)
Muylocal Ad Campaign

Wrap up & Next steps

Muylocal was our first in-house startup that was launched in the market and got first relevant traction. Just in the first weeks we experienced hypergrowth and expanded in total to 5 cities. We got accepted into a startup program, won an innovation prize, and probably learned some relevant lessons in creating a startup from scratch. Btw we also went viral on TV with our PCR campaign.
We are super thankful for the great encounters with all the people who are supporting us during this journey. Muylocal is 100% bootstrapped and due to operational inefficiencies, we are currently pivoting and rebranding Muylocal to a SaaS venture. Stay tuned!

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