Making every interview count

Screenloop is an interview intelligence platform that enables businesses to create great interviews at scale.

The Brief

Gone are the days of winging and gut feel, now there is real intelligence in the process and fast-growing companies can hire confidently. Using artificial intelligence, the software will enable interviewers to log transcripts, receive conversational prompts, allow hiring collaboration, easily score responses, and coach teams to ensure high-quality interviews. More holistically, Screenloop will highlight any biases and ensure there is equality in the screening process.

The concept

Based on the two core elements: human beings and progress/innovation.
Two people are crucial for an interview process, the interviewer and the interviewee. As hiring goes both ways we want to put them at the same eye level to embrace the brand values of humanity and equality.
The loop represents structure, series, or process, the end of which is connected to the beginning. This helps us to visually communicate the brand values of innovation.

Visual Identity

The logo was constructed using a geometric, lower case typeface. The interviewer and interviewee are represented in their most simple form using the round-shaped circle as head, with the other half of the circle being the body.

In order to give the brand a unique touch the main typeface has sharp features and organic teardrops with a certain tension in the contrast of its virile serifs and soft refined curves. The color system takes a powerful dark blue, teal, and white as its primary and secondary colors in pastel to add moments of warmth to the visual identity when needed.


In our discovery phase, we did a roleplay to better understand the user personas and figured out that there are (mostly) three main stakeholders involved: the hiring manager who is looking for new talent in the team, the interviewer, and the candidate. We gave a face and a name to each of them so they can be used for all internal communication.

Illustration style

The illustrations are very playful representing artificial intelligence with a hand that guides recruiters through the interview process, helps them select the right candidate based on qualifications, and improve their own interview techniques.

Website & UX design

With the company's digital offering, their website is the most important touchpoint for communicating their value and showcasing their product. We dared to use a dark, impactful header with strong and colorful imagery. We used small animations that will keep users engaged and convert them eventually into prospects.

Creating the website was an ambitious task as the product was still being developed and the complexity of the product being based on AI. Therefore, we simplified the benefits in such a way that they could be understood by any stakeholder and created mock-ups that would highlight the product benefits.

Explainer video

Video content is king, especially when explaining new technologies and their benefits. In order to showcase what problems Screenloop is solving for hiring teams, we created an explainer video based on simple illustrations.

What is ScreenLoop?

Anton Boner
Co-Founder, Screenloop 🇬🇧
They did everything possible to make sure we were taken care of. The website looks great, the explainer video gets lots of praise from people that come to the site and watch it. They became part of our team, it wasn't like working with a typical design agency.

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