Intelligent AI

The bird's eye view of your properties

Intelligent AI is a global location intelligence platform that helps insurers, brokers, and commercial property owners measure and mitigate property risks in real-time.

The Brief

Intelligent AI approached us to redo their website. Their goal was to create a fresher brand in order to attract investors. Before we started with the web design, we updated their brand identity and tweaked their logo and corporate colors. We also provided an updated UI design system for their product to ensure the brand would have the same look and feel along all touchpoints.

The concept

Digital twins for property management consist of satellite data, Internet of Things (IoT), and data analytics. This allows getting a virtual representation of the physical building and all the information about the assets and spaces inside this building in real-time. Our branding idea was to describe the product in a simple way and look at all the data points in the most holistic form - from a bird's eye perspective.


The logo was refined and elements were merged. The new logo is now responsive and has a twisted "i" at the beginning. Only lowercase letters are used to give the brand a fresher touch. The color system was harmonized, dark blue, red, and white are now the main colors.


In order to use the new brand colors, we defined a basic UI Design System for their engineers to implement the new brand on the product. Further colors were defined in order to provide a color coding system of property risk.

Website design

The first step was providing a new structure and content to the current web. Instead of highlighting only the functional benefits, we tried to communicate the brand in a more holistic way and changed the claim from "delivering the digital insurer" to "the birdseye view of your properties". The look and feel would be around an illustration from a smart city and the same look & feel would be used on all pages.

The main goal of the web was to inform and after briefly explaining the platform with its core benefits, we put an emphasis on an easy download of the latest whitepapers on the home. Since there are many product features, we decided to craft the storyline around digital twins and created a separate features page where all the sub-features are described in more detail.

Overall, we added animations to dynamize the content and to keep the user engaged throughout their online journey.

Anthony Peake
CEO & Co-Founder, Intelligent AI Limited đŸ‡¬đŸ‡§
Their speed of new ideas and quality of design was most impressive.
Excellent new website and logo.

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